Make Your Ads Stand Out With Retractable And Step And Repeat Ads

Companies who want to get their company’s message out there in an affordable and efficient method can benefit from having retractable ads or step and repeat banners made. Due to the high visibility and eye-catching style of the banners, it helps the company to stand out, which is critical especially during promotional event or trade shows.

Retractable Banners

Retractable or roll-up banners as they are called are well-known to companies who want to provide their company’s detail in one go. That is specifically useful for those companies who are on a tight budget. Retractable banners are easy to operate and frequently times are motorized so one does not need to have a specialized technician upon standby to check the banner often.

Aside from the company logo and information, other graphics can be printed also in the banner due to the advancement in technology. Price of the banner depends on the size, graphics as well as the quality of the materials to be used.

Do consider ordering a retractable if the company:

wants optimum exposure
is on a tight budget but still desires value for their money
will undoubtedly be on an indoor show
will have little room to promote the company such as in discussions or events
wants a permanent screen in the store or in any other venues
Step and Repeat Banners

Action and Repeat banners are banner ad types that are used typically as backdrops usually for a party or even a meeting. What makes it different is that the logo design or name is repeated in the backdrop banner. As such, regardless of what angle a photographer points in order to, the name of the company is always visible. The banner is a popular choice among businesses that are into advertisement though it is also used by other companies as it is a great promotion that can be used repeatedly saving one from the cost of ordering a new one.

Do consider ordering a step and repeat banner if the company:

wants maximum exposure for longer period of time
wants a banner that is easy to set up plus remove
wants an affordable but high quality backdrop that can last up to three years for outdoor and longer to get indoor.
Choosing a Banner Type

Intended for companies that are interested in purchasing a banner, it is important to consider the need of the business.
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A retractable one is ideal for trade shows because of its portability, which gives the company a shorter lead-time. On the other hand, a step and repeat banner is fantastic for those companies who want a stylish display on their store as well as wanted a simple and yet elegant display of the company logo or title on industry events, events and meeting.