The Luscious Chocolate Diamond Ring

Of all the jewelry made from brown diamonds the chocolate diamond ring seems to be at the top of record of favorites. So much so that chocolates and champagne diamond engagement rings have become more popular. This type of engagement ring is perfect for someone who wants something non-traditional, yet something very special.

Like the regular white diamond engagement ring, the dark brown diamond ring is very versatile as it goes well with all skin and tresses colors. It also goes well having a wide variety of clothing from casual in order to elegant.

Popular Ring Settings

Delicious chocolate or cognac diamonds work well as either the main stone in the band, or as accent diamonds. You will often find chocolate diamond bands that are a collection of small diamonds, such as white and chocolate, instead of a solitary center stone.

These brown dazzling stones work particularly well with a couple different gems. They work beautifully with white or without color stones; this combination is my personal favorite. You can find a wide variety of rings with whitened and brown diamonds as this seems to be a common pairing.

But they also work very well with lighter colored stones such as aquamarine. In fact the combination of aquamarine and brown diamonds has become increasingly more popular. Le Vian, the company who also coined the term chocolate diamonds, includes a great selection of aquamarine and chocolates diamond rings. Of course they offer a few fantastic necklaces and earrings too.

This luscious brown stone works well set in yellow gold, white gold or even silver. When mixed with colorless diamond jewelry or aquamarine it brings out the lighter or cool tones from the white gold or silver. However the warmth of these brown diamonds furthermore pairs beautifully with rose or yellow gold. Once again this helps make a chocolate or cognac diamond ring more flexible.

Where To Buy A Chocolate Diamond Ring

Delicious chocolate diamond rings, and other chocolate diamond jewelry, can be found at many jewelry stores. If you want a genuine diamond, whether it is organic or man made, make sure you go to a reputable jeweler.
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You should be able to get a certification of authenticity for your records, however, you may also want to have it appraised simply by an independent appraiser to make sure you know the true value of the jewelry.

If you store online make sure you go with a reputable jeweler here as well. Don’t just search for the cheapest one you can find. Unfortunately it is really an area that can be impacted by fraud. You would like to make sure you get what you pay for, plus know exactly what you are buying.