How to Save Money in a Recession – And appear Marvelous!

Times are tough. No one in my circle of buddies and relatives has been left not affected by the economic woes. However , because of cleaver tips, tricks, and tips, we have been able to work together to make payments and chop away at debt. Here are the best ways I have found to save some serious money in the kitchen this month.

5. Clip coupons: You might have heard it once, if you have noticed it a thousand times. However , that one tip saves so much money. Upon each trip to the grocery store I actually save about $20. 00. It only takes about 20 minutes every Weekend to flip through the coupons. I decide which ones I can use, cut them out and store them in a small photo flip book We keep in my purse at all times. Consider it this way, clipping coupons is the equivalent to working a job that pays $60. 00 per hour.

4. Store stores that price match. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Staples, will match all their competitors sales prices, and coupons (Buy one get one is generally not included in matching, but check with each store). Some will even throw in an additional 10% off the difference to make sure they get the sale. This technique is beneficial to save a ton in gasoline, and time, something that isn’t reflected on a printed receipt.

3. Make a List, check it twice, and for goodness sake, STICK TO IT! Loading carts with carbs, high sugar foods, and convenience meals isn’t healthy for the families, your wallet or your waist! Purchase foods from the outside sides of grocery stores. If you are strapped for period, as most of us are, then purchase pre-cut foods like celery, celery, and apples.
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Purchase foods with whole grains, and you won’t need to buy just as much. Foods rich in fiber will fill a person up faster and last longer than that will Little Debbie snack foods. Nuts, dried fruits, Go-gurts, and Multi-Grain Tostito’s are perfect snack solutions which are easy on the budget. Sticking to your own list will save you $30. 00 or even more per shopping trip.

2 . By pass eating out more than once or twice a week. I know, you don’t have time/energy to prepare. So don’t. Purchase a Crock-Pot, or perhaps a Dutch Oven, and make it the actual cooking for you. Store bought France bread and bagged salads will certainly complete any meal, and the cost per serving is still less than a money per person. Here is a small listing of what you can cook while you are at work. Recipes are available on-line through numerous cooking sites.

A. Stew
W. Spaghetti
C. Whole chicken and veggies
D. Minestrone Soup
E. Pot-Roast

1 . Make your own “to-go” foods.

A. Instant Oatmeal. In the large bowl combine 3 glasses of instant oatmeal (buy the biggest container and save the most money), 1/2 cup dried fruit of choice (optional), 1/2 cup of walnuts, or almonds (optional) 1/2 cup of dehydrated non-fat milk, 1/2 glass of brown sugar, and 3 tablespoons cinnamon. Scoop 1/2 glass servings into zipper baggies. Include 1/4 cup of boiling water and stir to serve. Makes 7 servings.

B. Frozen sandwiches. Smear peanut butter, or almond butter for those with allergies, on 2 slices of whole wheat bread. Distribute jelly of choice in the center of the bread only, about half-inch from the edges. Use a cookie cutter, or buy a sandwich cutter from Pampered Cocinero. Freeze four sandwiches at a time on the cookie sheet until frozen through to avoid smashing the sandwiches. Once totally frozen, wrap with plastic-type wrap, and re-freeze. Do not allow to thaw during the transfer process.

C. When you cook a meal, make 2. One to eat the night it is prepared, and the other to be heated when you are too frazzled to cook. Other variations of this are to cook an entire 3 pound package associated with hamburger with taco seasoning, or even Italian seasoning and after it is browned, divide into three parts, someone to eat now and the other two parts to freeze in freezer bags. You can cook ahead plus freeze chicken, chopped pork, beef, and venison.

D. Use an surroundings popper to make several cups of popcorn and season with garlic sodium and parmesan cheese. Divide in to small zip lock bags regarding lunches instead of high-fat chips.

Electronic. Avoid the drive through espresso stores. Sure they are easy and quick, but the price of your double-shot-latte with light-foam is going to cost you on average $75. 00 per month. Purchase Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee, like Nectar associated with Life Coffee Company’s French Roast, and brew strong coffee at home. If you must have steamed milk, then purchase a $10. 00 frothing wand from Target, Wal-Mart, or additional mass retailers. If you think you will have trouble mimicking the flavors you love, that isn’t an issue either. Vanilla, Hazelnut, plus Carmel are all available in syrup form from the above-mentioned retailers. You can find all of them in clear glass containers on the coffee aisle. Brewing your own beverages, and purchasing organic coffee will save you $60. 00 per month alone. It is very worthwhile work.

Cutting back may seem like a wide range of work. These small changes create a big impact if they can be taken care of long-term. However , I have found both the waist and my wallet are much healthier.