Pancakes – How to Make Pancakes Healthier

A tall stack of white cozy pancakes with crispy brown edges is a fantastic tasty way to start your day. Most people enjoy eating great hotcakes any time of day or evening. They are made with enriched white bleached flour, vegetable oil, eggs, sodium, baking powder and whole milk. A lot of people fry the batter on a griddle covered with hot oil. This will make the best pancakes possible.

Nobody can eat this traditional style of pancake. Making your pancakes a bit more healthy is very easy to do without needing to sacrifice flavor, or texture. Here are a 5 tips to help make your pancakes more healthy.

Instead of using vegetable essential oil, substitute olive oil for your batter. Essential olive oil has a much lower temperature for which it is going to begin to smoke. Therefore it is fine within the batter but not for high temperature frying.
Use a non stick spray for the griddle instead of vegetable oil. It is a terrific way to reduce calories when making pancakes.
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You can purchase a variety of sprays with various flavors, olive oil flavor will work nicely with pancakes, butter flavor is the greatest match for a fat-free non stay spray. Apply the spray right before you pour the batter onto your griddle as it will smoke. You can give each spot on your griddle an extra spray by lifting the individual pancake off the griddle and squirt your non stick as you switch each pancake.
Whole wheat flour may be used instead of enriched white flour. The whole wheat is more dense than whitened flour which means to keep your pancakes fluffy only substitute 2/3 of the recipe with whole wheat or the result will be heavy pancakes. The whole whole wheat will give your pancakes the ability to give you a sense of feeling satisfied much longer than 100% rampacked white flour pancakes.
Adding Wheat germ will give your pancakes extra vitamins and nutrients without impacting the flavor or texture of your pancake. ¼ cup of wheat germ could be added to each 2 cups of flour in your recipe. 17 vitamins nutrition are added when you put whole wheat germ into your batter.
Quick rolled oats is a fantastic way to make your hotcakes very healthy. For every cup of flour you can substitute ¼ mug of quick oats for ¼ cup of flour. The quick oats should be added to the wet ingredients for a couple minutes to soak up moisture before dry ingredients are added.